Le ultime novità su Versione Karaoke

Playback Karaoke MP3 Hands Up - Merk & Kremont Hands Up
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Merk & Kremont feat. DNCE 2018 2:47
Playback Karaoke MP3 Country Boy - Aaron Lewis Country Boy
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Aaron Lewis 2010 4:48
Playback Karaoke MP3 Ain't No Sunshine - Karen Souza Ain't No Sunshine
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Karen Souza 2017 4:09
Playback Karaoke MP3 All That She Wants - Berk & The Virtual Band All That She Wants
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Berk & The Virtual Band 2016 3:39
Playback Karaoke MP3 Somebody Loves Me - Peggy Lee Somebody Loves Me
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Peggy Lee 1947 2:58
Playback Karaoke MP3 Turn to Stone - Electric Light Orchestra Turn to Stone
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Electric Light Orchestra 1977 3:49
Playback Karaoke MP3 Urlando contro il cielo - Luciano Ligabue Urlando contro il cielo
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Luciano Ligabue 1991 3:39
Playback Karaoke MP3 Till - Shirley Bassey Till
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Shirley Bassey 1961 3:59
Playback Karaoke MP3 Balliamo sul mondo - Luciano Ligabue Balliamo sul mondo
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Luciano Ligabue 1990 4:18
Playback Karaoke MP3 Valerie - Robyn Adele Anderson Valerie
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Robyn Adele Anderson 2015 3:28
Playback Karaoke MP3 The Anniversary Waltz - Vera Lynn The Anniversary Waltz
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Vera Lynn 1941 2:44
Playback Karaoke MP3 Higher and Higher - Boyzone Higher and Higher
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Boyzone 2014 3:03
Playback Karaoke MP3 Thunderclouds - LSD Thunderclouds
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LSD (Labrinth, Sia & Diplo) 2018 3:09
Playback Karaoke MP3 Shallow - A Star is Born Shallow
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A Star is Born (Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper) 2018 3:36
Playback Karaoke MP3 The Game of Love - Sarah Menescal The Game of Love
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Sarah Menescal 2015 3:29
Playback Karaoke MP3 Try Me - James Brown Try Me (I Need You)
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James Brown 1958 2:33
Playback Karaoke MP3 The Dark Side - Muse The Dark Side
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Muse 2018 3:48
Playback Karaoke MP3 Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People - Frozen - Il regno di ghiaccio Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People
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Frozen - Il regno di ghiaccio (Jonathan Groff) 2013 0:50
Playback Karaoke MP3 Bridge Over Troubled Water - Josh Groban Bridge Over Troubled Water
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Josh Groban 2018 4:53
Playback Karaoke MP3 What's Up? (Piano Version) - 4 Non Blondes What's Up? (Piano Version)
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4 Non Blondes 1993 4:11
Scopri Shallow, What's Up? (Piano Version) e The Game of Love tra i 31 titoli in Canzoni Karaoke aggiunti questa settimana su Versione Karaoke. Canta le ultime novità in Versione Strumentale resa s famosa s da A Star is Born, 4 Non Blondes o ancora Sarah Menescal.
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