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Video Karaoke Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) - Us3 - Karaoke Canzoni

Questa base è una cover di Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) resa famosa da Us3

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Con i cori (a scelta nella versione KFN)

Tempo di metronomo: 118.58 BPM

Stessa tonalità dell'originale: FAm

Durata: 03:41 - Anteprima: 02:22

Data di rilascio: 1994
Generi: Rap & Hip-Hop, Jazz, In inglese
Autore originale: Herbie Hancock, Mel Simpson, Geoffrey Wilkinson, Rahsaan Hakeem Kelly

Tutti i File scaricabili sono basi,non la versone originale del brano.

Testo De Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)

Groovy groovy jazzy funky pounce bounce dance as we dip in the melodic seas
The rhythm keeps flowin' an' trips the MCs
Sweet sugar pops sugar pops rocks 'n pops
You don't stop 'till the sweet beat drops
Our show improves as I stick n' move
Vivid poems recited on top of the groove
Smoove my floatin' like a butterfly
Notes that I'll float sung like a lullaby
Brace yourself as the beat hits ya
Dip trip flip Fantasia
Feel the beat drop
Jazz n' hip hop
Drippin' in your dome makes you zone an' bop
Funk and Fusion a fly illusion keeps ya coastin' on the rhythm ya cruisin'
Up down 'round an' 'round far profound
But nevertheless ya gots to get down
Fantasy freak through the beat so
Unique you move your feet to sweat from the heat
Back to the fact
I'm the mack an' I know that
The way I kick the rhymes some would call me a poet
Forms steady flowin' growin' showin' sights an' sounds
Caught in the groove in Fantasia I'm found
Many tripped an' tore upon the rhymes
They saw into a infinite hype to the rhyme of a hard core
Here we go off I take ya
Dip trip flip Fantasia
Jump to the jam boogie woogie jam slam
Bust the dialect
I'm the man in command
Come flow with the sounds from the mighty mic master
Rhymin' on the mic an' bringin' suckers their disaster
Beaucoup bucks but I still rock Nike
Wit the razzle dazzle star that I might be
Scribble dabble scrabble on the microphone
I babble as I fix the funky words into a puzzle
Yes yes yes on an' on and I flex
Get wit the flow birds manifest
Feel the vibe from here to Asia
Dip trip flip Fantasia ow

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