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Video Karaoke At Your Feet - Smash - Karaoke Canzoni

Questa base è una cover di At Your Feet resa famosa da Smash

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Con i cori (a scelta nella versione KFN)

Tempo: variabile (attorno a 88 BPM)

Stessa tonalità dell'originale: MI

Durata: 02:45 - Anteprima: 01:33

Data di rilascio: 2013
Generi: TV & colonne sonore, Musicals & Broadway, In inglese
Autore/i: Scott Wittman
Autore originale: Marc Shaiman

Tutti i File scaricabili sono basi,non la versone originale del brano.

Testo De At Your Feet

Darling every Saturday it's our tradition
I give you a nickel for a day's admission
Then mommy has to run ah but that won't stop your fun
'Cos you get to see whose shoes you fit
Hey Grauman can you babysit
Mom do you have to leave me alone here
Norma Jeane you know
I have to work
And what do you mean alone this place is full of people
And not just people, stars nothing bad could ever happen to you here
Some folks wish on stars above they want money fame and love
We like our stars more concrete
So the stars that you're wishin' on are at your feet
Some like night to dream what's not we prefer this sunny spot
To see the light and feel the heart when the stars that you're wishin' on are at your feet
I have to work each Saturday so my baby sees the matinee
You watch the movie then rush out and put your left foot and your right foot in and shake those dreams about
Most girls dream to touch the sky wide awake is when we fly
Down the boulevard where it's hard to not feel high
Where you hear the song and feel the beat
'Cos the stars that you're wishin' on are at your feet
Now go on Norma Jeane go see whose hands match yours
Momma, who's your favorite?
Mary Pickford Clara Bow their impressions make a show
And you're in a front row seat where the stars that you're wishin' on are at your feet
Tap in time with Fred Astaire maybe someday you'll be there
Ginger Rogers can't compete when the stars that you're wishin' on are at your feet
We don't watch the skies for a star's ascent
We prefer a square of wet cement
With famous names that fill the screen
And maybe someday one will spell out Norma Jeane
Maybe someday one will spell out Norma Jeane
It's showtime let the dream begin with each star who's ever been
Step inside the footsteps that you should follow in
So I leave you in the best of hands
In this most chinese of wonderlands
Your dreams will truly be complete when the stars that you're wishin' on are at your feet
Ain't she sweet

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