Video Karaoke Vertical Expression (Of Horizontal Desire) - The Bellamy Brothers - Karaoke Canzoni

Questa base è una cover di Vertical Expression (Of Horizontal Desire) resa famosa da The Bellamy Brothers

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Con i cori (with or without vocals in the KFN version)
Stessa tonalità dell'originale: MI
Data di rilascio: 1999
Generi: Country, Soft Rock, In inglese
Autore originale: David Bellamy

Tutti i File scaricabili sono basi,non la versone originale del brano.

testo de Vertical Expression (Of Horizontal Desire)

When she asked me to dance
I said no no I have two left feet
And then she took my hand and whispered a song so sweet
And she said hold me as close as you can 'til my bodies on fire
It's just a vertical expression of horizontal desire
So we moved like water bein' poured over polished steel
And I really can't translate the way she made me feel
And the music played on and the mercury just went higher
It's just a vertical expression of horizontal desire
We did the samba the mambo the tango the two-step while we romanced
And when the music got fast we just held to each other and slow danced
I took nothin' for granted but I wished I could stay all night
And as we walked into her place she reached out to dim the light
She said dance with me darlin' till the moon and the stars retire
It's just a vertical expression of horizontal desire
It's just a vertical expression of horizontal desire

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